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Guided Snorkeling Tour
Passenger/Snorkeler *Snorkeling not permitted on whale watch charters
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Snorkeling with Turtles and Dolphin Watching (Whales in season Dec to Apr)

We head out of Waianae Boat Harbor exploring the West Oahu coast in search of the spinner dolphins (Nai’a) swimming the shallow waters after their morning hunt. While on the search, learn the natural history of Hawaii and the marine life of the Pacific from our incredible, experienced, and certified crew.

After the short cruise, we moor the boat at Makaha Caverns, one of Oahu’s famous swimming with turtles sites. The underwater lava tubes are a sure bet for viewing the green sea turtle (Honu) in its natural environment.

Expect wonderful colors, plentiful fish, and snorkeling with turtles. The western reefs offer a topography very unique to Oahu, offering some of Hawaii’s best snorkeling sites. These reefs are home to octopus, butterfly fish, eels, eagle rays, and other beautiful tropical fish. We might even get a visit from the resident spinner dolphins.

In-water time will be about 60 minutes. Makaha Caverns themselves are partially collapsed lava tubes. These are an experience unto themselves, with big openings that you will be able to observe from the surface.

The green sea turtles use these lava tubes as a resting area, coming up every few minutes to breathe. Close-up encounters are common, but don’t touch! That is against Hawaii and Federal law. Please respect the honu (turtles). This is their home, and we are the visitors. They are used to us, but any harassment, besides being illegal, could also cause them to no longer trust humans.

After exiting the water, we’ll head back down the coast. This is another chance for dolphin watching and of course whale watching in season (Dec to Apr). Dolphins and whales of course, move around. Spotting these creatures is amazing, but we don’t see them every day, unlike the green sea turtles, which we do see daily.

All snorkeling gear, instructor, flotation, and in water guides are included. Just wear a swim suit and bring a smile. There is shade on half the boat, but reef safe sunscreen, sunglasses, and a towel are a good idea. Don’t forget the camera!