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Certified Diver Must present certification card at time of dive

Scuba Dive Oahu at Night

You can watch tiny organisms seemingly made of light and rainbows making their way through life around you. This may be the most extreme dive of your lifetime, the pelagic one-tank dive night dive.

We start at Waianae Small Boat Harbor just before sunset. You will watch the sunset on the way to the dive site, where the depth is about 2,000 ft. After the sun goes down, the real fun begins. You jump in, floating tethered in the deep dark sea. We take small groups of 8 divers max and wait to see what goes by, usually not descending any lower than 50 feet.

You may see jellies put on a colorful display that can only be described as breathtaking. Some of the animals are so bizarre, you’ll think they are aliens from another world. Some zooplankton, that only rise to the surface to feed when the lights go out, are now visible to us. Come join us for this adventure.